Hey, I'm Patricia...

Lifestlye & Branding Photographer in Mississauga, Ontario

I’m an obsessive dog mom to a 3 year old Australian Shepherd.
I like the feeling of fresh sheets after a shower on a Sunday night. If you know, you know.
I believe in psychics, crystals and fancy myself a good ol’ horoscope.
I enjoy a good true crime podcast but that’s also made me feel like I’m going to get kidnapped everywhere I go.
Strawberry cheesecake is my favourite dessert.
I L.O.V.E the smell of firewood in the crisp air signalling the first sign of fall.
I’m an extroverted, introvert. Whatever that means.
I think I’m pretty good at dancing to salsa music but you’ll never know that until you get a couple glasses of wine in me.
I have an irrational fear of sharks being in lakes.

Now that we’ve got the important things out of the way,
let’s chat more about why I am the right photographer for you…

Prior to the era of camera phones, I was known as the girl who always had a digital camera dangling from her wrist.
I possess a collection of embarrassing snapshots capturing moments from my friends’ past,
as well as a multitude of self-portraits taken before they became a trend.
It took me quite some time to recognize that my hobby was, in fact, my true passion.

I believe that our memories exist in photos, our purpose exists in photos.
Whether you’ve found the person you’re going to spend the rest of your life with,
you’re about to welcome a child Earth side,
your family is growing
or you’re aiming to get your business on Forbes 30 under 30.
I’ve got you!

We all have a story. Let me help you bring it to life…



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